Final post

So this is it, this is my last post on this blog, our45. In some ways, this just seems so unreal, because I realize that in a week I will be out of school, beginning my summer, excited and anxious to start my senior year, just like the rest of the Class of 2017. I … More Final post

Goodbye post

As the school year comes to a close, I announce with a mixture of regret and happiness that I will not be continuing my blog past this year. I have posted many blogs over the last nine months, and to anybody reading this, I appreciate your presence and your time. I have grown attached to … More Goodbye post

Stressed out

In today’s society, there is a huge emphasis placed on how high school students perform in the classroom, such as what their GPA (Grade Point Average) and ACT test scores are. Students have increasingly felt pressured from teachers and family members to perform at exceedingly high expectations that are nearly unattainable. Speaking from experience, as … More Stressed out

Put it in perspective

Among America’s elite sports universities, the competition for top-flight athletes has become so intense that all kinds of improprieties on campus have been overlooked. That is a danger not only to the victims of those improprieties but to the very institution of college athletics. At Penn State University, one of the iconic names in all … More Put it in perspective

Wage gap illusion

With the upcoming election drawing closer and closer, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton continues to run on a horribly misinformed platform highlighted with complete stupidity and built on lie after lie after lie. It’s not secret that she will clearly do anything to gain a vote, as evidenced by the release of a hilariously compiled video … More Wage gap illusion

Pressure rising

As students in high schools all across the world begin to think about their educational future, the pressure to perform can sometimes be overwhelming. Are students of this day and age put under too much academic pressure? Yes, and as a result of this pressure, students begin to think of themselves as nothing more than … More Pressure rising